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LIVA-EP(Shanghai) co., LTD., relying on the company many years of experience in design, vibration acoustic consultant, to effectively develop the mainland market, and can provide services in mainland customers, successively set up in 2013, south China, east China at home and abroad to provide customers high quality and fast service LIVA - EP antivibration series products and engineering construction service damping noise reduction. Has been established based on international design, mainland, Taiwan, Japan's three major production bases in mechanical manufacturing industry and special vibration control equipment and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment is given priority to, and with LIVA - EP brand marketing, northeast Asia, Europe and the United States of the country, in the love with the industry and for.


LIVA - EP series product style variety, according to its category can be classified as air cushion type absorber, precision instruments in addition to the vibration table, rubber shock absorber and spring shock absorber, suspension shock absorber, shock absorber, wire rope type seismic shock absorber, antivibration base and floating floor, suitable for punching machine, heavy generator, air compressor, air conditioning equipment, car carrier, AOI detector and electronic production equipment and various types of industrial equipment, etc. Liva-ep constantly invests in expanding the r&d department and adding various testing instruments and equipment, and many products are certified by China, European and American national standards and industry associations.

LIVA - EP is not just a product provider, is following the company for many years and damping noise reduction design and retrofit of one-stop vibration noise system professional service providers, both vibration and acoustic consultant service project design phase, or vibration measurement evaluation, project design, product sales, installation, test and operation maintenance turnkey services in the system, such as LIVA - EP can give the customers provide the most professional and perfect service system. The five construction teams of the company can guarantee to undertake more than four vibration and noise renovation projects at the same time, and always adhere to the after-sales service commitment which has been received by the customer to the site within 24 hours.


LIVA-EP is willing to provide the customers with the most satisfactory vibration and noise solutions with the best products, the most professional technology and the most perfect after-sales service.


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